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Question Building a gaming computer after almost 7 years


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Apr 19, 2020
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting and coming back to build a gaming computer after what feels like eternity. I remember my last build had 3570k with 7870 GPU. Since then I haven't really followed the gaming scene consistently.

Now with the global pandemic, I am forced to stay at home and my company wants me to conduct meetings virtually. I figured this was a good time to build myself a gaming computer which I can give it to my 12 year old later or even game on it myself.

I went to PCPartpicker and made this list and would really like if anyone can critique it or add something else to it.

PCPartPicker Part List

Some pointers as requested by the forum are down below

1. Mostly would be used for gaming(AAA titles) and some google hangout sessions.

2. I decided around $1750 CAD but can even stretch it to $1900, but depends on best bang for buck.

3. Canada, the country of maple syrup and double-double haha

4. Amazon, newegg, mike's computer, canada computers, ebay, bestbuy, vuugo, these are the options available

5. Not a fanboy of any company or even RGB(I know i am weird)

6. Don't have any parts laying around.

7. Not right away but would like to keep that option available in the future.

8. I was thinking of doing 1440p with 75fps minimum on ultra settings

9. Next 10-15 days, because the shipping is going to delayed.

10. Already have the Windows 10 thanks to my work.

11. Don't need any peripherals for now. I already have some old gear.


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Mar 6, 2006
Might be to late, but if that's what you already bought it's got a lot of good stuff.

If I were to make some suggestions, it would be little changes like the P400A mesh variant of that case.

Maybe 3600MHz RAM, depending on the Canadian pricing (in the US the price difference is tiny).

Last little thing would be that QLC SSD, especially at $150...but looking at the rest of the list, Canada has lame prices.
I don't know how much extra it would be, but normally I'd suggest like an EX950 for a "cheap" NVME SSD.

All the major components are good choices though, even the PSU is a quality option.