Bugcheckcode 92 , UP_DRIVER_ON_MP_SYSTEM on my laptop


Apr 10, 2016
Hi guys, i need help. It seems that the bugcheckcode 92 UP_DRIVER_ON_MP_SYSTEM is causing my system not to sleep in sleep mode. How i know this, is when i performed powercfg /sleepstudy in cmd, a review the report saved on the Edge browser, here's the result:

sleep study 1.png

When i look closely at the bugcheck, i get this:


When i research this, it was said that this bug indicates that a uniprocessor-only driver has been loaded on a multiprocessor system. Whatever this is, it causing my system to reboot everytime i put it in sleep mode. When i doesn't realize this, the laptop gest warm because the processor is still on, the fan is running and as seen in the sleep study, it's draining the battery. Until i lift the screen, i saw the manufacturer's logo and loading circle to see that the system is rebooting. Can anyone please tell me if there's a solution to this, really much appreciated. Here's my system specs:

PC: Lenovo Ideapad 3 15IAU7 laptop
CPU: 12th Gen (Alder Lake) Intel Core i3-1215U (6 cores (2P +4E) 8 threads) Processor
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 12th gen (Xe architecture (64EUs (512 ALUs))
RAM: 12GB (8GB soldered + 4GB DDR4-3200 So-DIMM dual channel RAM)
HDD:256GB SSD Drive