btPSU blew?


Sep 6, 2004
Ok I just set up this system about a month ago, its a 2.8ghz,9800pro,512mb, pretty basic system. anyway i had this 300W ALLIED PSU i wasnt using and since I was on a low budget, i thought i'd try it out to see if it would work - nothing to lose.

it worked fine, until 2 nights ago. i came home from work to find my system shut down. i couldnt boot it back up, i sniffed the back of it and it smelt like the PSU had burnt. Is this possible? Did it just die?

Ok so I took this other PSU from my old rig, its some noname 350 PSU. ok my comp been running a litty iffy since i plugged this puppy in. first, the CPU fan makes these weird noises. When I load a web-page or run Counter-Strike, it runs faster/louder for a few seconds at a time. That, and when I plugin the CD-ROM into the PSU's power plug, my system wont boot up. After the Windows Load screen, it goes black and windows never boots up. All I have to do is unplug the CD-Rom and windows boots up fine.

Ok, im going to the store soon to get an ANTEC 400 PSU but I was wondering why is it doing this? Can someone scoop me in, just trying to learn more about PSU's since my PSU knowledge is very limited lol :)

Thanks in advance crew

EDIT: btw both PSUs had the 4 pin plugin that go into the mobo :D