Broadcast internal television?


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Aug 18, 2000
So, I requested this project when it came up in our status meeting, since it sounds like it would be a fun project.

We have 4x 42" Panasonic TVs that we are having mounted on the wall in strategic places throughout our building.

The idea is that we want to be able to tap into "channels" that would be internal only. Before I call these guys to come run power and coax and mount the TVs, I was wondering what the knowledgeable folks here think of this:

I am looking for a device that would allow me to basically create an internal broadcast (like comcast would have, but only for our building). The idea is that we could switch channels to get different content. Like, server monitoring results on one channel, looped presentations on another, updated stocks and news on another.

Even the ability to just have a PC that displays different pages on different channels would be appropriate I think.

Has anyone heard of anything that might let me go from a source (or multiple sources) to coax to the TV and support different channels with different content? I was thinking it might work with something along the lines of a TV tuner card output or something similar. My googlefu is weak today, and I cant even come up with good search terms!

Any help would be appreciated!