BOOTMGR is missing

Max Sterling

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Jan 11, 2008
I am trying to downgrade an acer 5720G to XP from Vista Home Premium. There were originally 3 partitions, one hidden and 2 visible in windows{Vista}. Acer Tech support refuse to acknowledge that it is even possible to downgrade, never mind help with the process. There is an Iso available from the tech support page at acer for this model, which is called the

"Post Acer Disk Formatter CD ISO Image"
the following text is the description of said iso from Acer's site:

{The HDD may need to be formatted prior to downgrading a computer from Vista Business to Windows XP. Acer Windows XP downgrade kits (that ship in selected systems) include the Acer Disk Formatter CD. In the event this CD is missing, a copy of the CD can be created with the attached ISO image.

Note: a computer with CD "burner" software is needed to convert the ISO image into a physical CD.}

When I booted from this disk it formatted the drive but then when I tried to install xp I got the BOOTMGR is missing error.
I can use the recovery disks (Which I had to purchase separately for $30 + $10 Shipping) to go back to factory default, But I want XP.

Can anyone suggest a course of action?
Thanks much,


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Dec 10, 2003
three partitions ?
you could make sure the third is a primary partition in vista, if not delete it and recreate a primary partition then set it as the active partition and install XP on the active primary partition which would now be C:. Then you could do what ever you like with the vista partition or setup a dual boot using EasyBCD 1.7.1. Or you could easily get what you got working but right now I couldn't say what the problem is. People always have problems with vista dual boots and the vista boot manager but if you just using active primary partitions you can easily dual boot or install XP totally separate from vista's bootmanager. In fact I set up a dual boot and by using the Disk Management Console toggle from xp to vista just by changing which partition that was active.