Bluetooth wireless audio adapter with volume control


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Oct 2, 2007
I'm looking for a solution for our TV to have wireless headphones, without being limited to a given pair of headphones. I'm looking for a bluetooth headphone adapter with volume control on the receiving side. I'd have to get a RCA->3.5mm adapter because my TV doesn't have headphone output (Samsung PN50B650), and when you set it to external speakers (assuming this activates the RCA output) the volume control no longer works.
I considered just running a wire going from RCA->headphones but then I wouldn't have any volume control from what it appears.

I haven't found much that would work this way, but you would think there would be.. the best solution I've found so far in a headset solution are the TV Ears products. They seem like they'd get the least amount of complaints in my house for discomfort. Sennheiser sets on Amazon won't work because of the pressure from the headphones.. I really need something where any given pair of headphones will work.

Much like the new Roku box that has a headphone jack on the remote.. I wish my tv had that.

Another option is to simply sell my TV and buy one that has wireless headphone support built-in, or find one that has a headphone jack on the remote. Do either of these things exist on TVs today? I'm tired of our 50" TV and looking to downsize to something that can be mounted on one of those multipivot arms so would take the opportunity to buy one if so.


edit- since I'm not finding many items exactly as I'm looking for.. maybe this with whatever pair of bluetooth headphones would be best? Or perhaps there is a universal receiver that will allow any pair of headphones to work with that.. such as ?

Or is there a better solution? I'm surprised I can't find a bluetooth transmitter/receiver combo.

edit2- I'm finding that only Vizio tvs have headphone-output jacks. I'd buy a Vizio if that's the only brand with that feature, but I'd really like a TV with the headphone jack on the remote, so it works with all inputs.
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