Blue screening questions on XP


Junior Member
Dec 5, 2008
Hey everyone,
I tried searching the forums and Googling, but it was finding too many unrelated topics...hope you all can help me.

I have a computer that is blue screening every time on boot up. It's an XP computer. Was working fine for a while, but won't boot now. I tried Safe Mode and Last Known Good. Still BSODs. I hooked up the HD to another computer and ran a chkdsk. Found a few errors, but took like 8 hours on a 250gb HD.

Two questions:
1- The system is set to auto reboot after system errors, so I can't see the text on the blue screen before it reboots. Any way to flip that setting so I can get a clue as to what the problem is?

2- (Assuming it was enabled), is there any way to do a system restore if you can't boot into Windows? I'm pretty sure you can by hooking it up to a working machine, I just can't find info on how to do it and I've been searching for a while now.

Thanks in advance.