Blue screen .VXD error - Imesh


Senior member
Oct 29, 2002
Alright, I just installed new video drivers. And the only thing I've noticed go wrong is this error I get. I can load up Imesh right. Then exit out of it with no trouble. However, if I let imesh go and start leeching misc stuff. Eventually uploads will start. I've gotten it down to I only get the error when I'm uploading and I close it out. However the second I do it, I blue screen with this .vxd error (if you want me to get the percise error I will). Then, the lovely part happens. I lose my internet connection (cable.) I'm running on a shoho firewall router with 2 other computers. Both other computers keep connection. So it's not the modem or the router. And, when I go to reboot the computer it freezes during shut down.

I hope I didn't make to much reading for a simple little problem like this, but I couldn't explain it very well..

Thanks alot for any feedback.