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BLT ideas

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Jan 14, 2013
The secret to a good BLT is only making it of you have the right tomatoes. Tom Colicchio's sandwich shops only serve the BLT when the tomatoes they like are in season and good, after that it's off the menu



Jul 17, 2003
I just that stupid Guy Fieri commercial where the guy makes a BLT and it looked really good. I want one for dinner. I'd like to make as perfect of a BLT as I can.

So, as a shot in the dark here:

Ingredients: Do you have a favorite brand of bread, bacon, a favorite type of tomato and mayo? Ones that really lend themselves to that crisp BLT experience?

Speaking of crisp: Is there a way to prevent the sandwich from getting soggy?

For BLT experts: any other tips? Maybe an extra ingredient? Some extra steps during preparation that helps?

My stomach thanks you for any advice.

My input is this:

Dry cure bacon of the thick variety. Accept no substitutes.

Use tomatoes you grow yourself if possible, cut thick, and like 10min before putting everything together salt and pepper the slices. *this is important*

Hit that mayo with some garlic or chipotle, just a little, turn it into an aioli.

Toast your bread and let it cool fully before anointing it with the mayo/aioli. Lettuce goes under the tomato, to help shield bread from the forces of sogginess.
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