Black & White 1 vs 2


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Apr 11, 2004
I'd like to play one of the "God" games and thought these looked kinda cool. Anyone have any comments on 1 versus 2 in terms of gameplay/fun/etc? Or are there any other similar genre games (beyond WC) worth playing?


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Apr 3, 2001
WC = ?

I played B&W1 and 2 pretty far apart, so I'd be hard pressed to say which I enjoyed more. I don't think I enjoyed either as much as Dungeon Keeper, though.


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Jul 10, 2007
I've played both 1 and 2, and I think 2 was a lot easier to play. I played them at least a year apart, so my memory of the first one is not so great. The creature is also a lot easier to train in the second one because it tells you what you are punishing or rewarding him for doing. Not long into the game, you can just leave your creature alone and it will help and take care of itself.

One thing I didn't like about the 2nd one is that your influence range is so small. You can barely reach out of the town.


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Feb 22, 2006
IMO 2 isn't as good as 1. The creature seems a lot less able to learn without your input, he doesn't get very big at all, and the lack of skirmish/online kinda killed it for me (the computer AI is incredibly dumb). Maybe I'm just bitter because I bought into PM's promises, though.

Edit: As NakedFrog said, Dungeon Keeper is awesome. I never played DK1, but DK2 was great. Think indirect strategy - you build a base, attract units, and can then sort of entice your units to fight. Oh, and you can use magic to kick ass. It's also one of the first games where you can take control of one of your units (and it's pretty well done for the time).


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Mar 26, 2005
For me BW1 and 2 quickly got very boring. They were fun for a few hours.. Maybe even days, but at that point, the desire to keep playing would fade away. The quests were pretty generic, and quickly got boring. also there was just something suspect about gfx and game play in general. Dont get me wrong, it was all nice, but in places, it felt like the devs didn't finish things.. It could be just me off course.

I second Dungeon Keeper. There is simply no other game like it. I never played DK2, but the 1st one was awesome, especially with the 3d patch. I wonder why is it that no one bothered to make a similar game since then, or at least buy the license and make DK3... I mean.. C'mon! In what other strategy game do you get to posess your units and control them from 1st person view?!