Black screen with multiple tabs on iPad

Feb 26, 2006
I was going to post this in either "Mobile Devices" or "Apple," but it seems to be an Anandtech issue rather than anything
In the past couple of days, if I open more than one tab on AT, the page loads, then goes completely black. Doesn't happen EVERY time, but more often than not. This is the only site affected by this. At first, I suspected a glitch in the "Anandtech Dark" forum software, but it persists even with the default light version as well.
Doesn't seem to do it on my android phone or on my PC, just on the iPad. I've tried clearing the "browsing data," but that didn't seem to help.

Oh...btw, this is in the Apple version of Chrome. Hasn't happened using Safari, but I don't really care for that I've only used it as a test, not regular use. IPad is a 2017 model with 32 mb.
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