BIOS update quite confusing


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Apr 17, 2008
My friend's new comp is here and we'ere really wondering this :

An Intel Q9450 and a ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP ATX LGA775 P35 mobo.

To support the new 45nm, the bios has to be updated. Now, we searched the web but nobody never told how to update the bios.
So, we're thinking about two options :

1- Install the PC as usual. Plug in a USB with the bios update in it. And use the 'flash' thing they call to update the bios.

2- Install an old 65nm Intel s775 cpu, turn on, update the bios. Then replace it with the Q9450.

So what exactly we have to do to make the mobo update its bios to support the Q9450. In our opinion, logically, the computer just won't turn on since there's theorically no CPU (the mobo doesn't recognize it)...

Hope you understand what I mean



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Sep 29, 2001
Option 2

Becoz I did the samething when I upgraded my Q9450 from E6750 on P35C-DS3R


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Oct 10, 1999
Originally posted by: fausto412
option 1, it will boot, just not stable. may give you an error message.

+1 :thumbsup:

Flashing the bios on an unstable system FTW!

:( Please OP don't do this to yourself, especially given the fact you got the hardware (known compatible CPU) to do it right. Flash your mobo when you know it is operating with as few reasons as possible to be unstable.

The upside gain for attempting to flash with the new CPU is that you save maybe 10-15 minutes that you would have otherwise spent swapping out the 65nm CPU after the flash.

The downside risk is you flash with unstable system and the bios gets fubar'ed, requiring you to send it in for RMA and/or wait a week for replacement bios chip to be mailed to you.

The risk vs. reward here is not favorable.