Question Best Way to Mount Monitors to Executive Desk?

Nov 8, 2012
Hello AT -

Recently upgraded the furniture at the home since I work remotely a lot of times. I also decided to grab some new monitors as well.

Question becomes - What is the best way to mount these monitors to the new desk? Or am I screwed and need to find a new route?

Basically bought some office furniture that is just...simply...much more office oriented.... But the problem is that makes it not so easy to do things like mount monitors onto it. I was hoping to buy a universal mount that could hold 3 monitors - but sadly it seems to require more space underneath than the desk offers.

To put it simply, at the edge of the desk at the top, there is maybe.... 1 inch to 1.5" of space that would allow me to potentially put a monitor mount.... But all the mounts I see are far bigger than the desk would allow. Does anyone have any tips? Maytbe a certain mount? Or a different way of mounting?



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Aug 17, 2004
I moved my desk next to the wall and wall mounted mine, keeps them off the desk and gives me more room. Not what you're looking for though. I don't see an elegant solution to your problem without crafting something yourself.

Hans Gruber

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Dec 23, 2006
I just upgraded to a dual monitor solution. I have a 43" TCL 4k mounted to the wall and hanging just over my center channel speaker. I have a 1080P 24" 144hz Dell on a gas spring desk mounted arm on the left side of my writing desk. It's a really nice looking Costco desk that I got about 10 years ago. I took a 3/8" drill bit right through the top of the desk doing a grommet installation. The arm stretches about 2ft. It looks as if the gas spring monitor arm came with the desk. That is mostly because of my skill and precision installing the desk mount. The gas arm mount also has a clamp but I didn't want to risk stability for convenience. Mine is a single arm mount but they have dual arm gas mount arms.


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Oct 23, 2014
Any monitor arm with a grommet mount should work, as long as you have no issue with drilling a hole in your desk.