Best Voting PSA evar!


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Nov 24, 1999
The true punchline is the Facebook Comments of this video.

So many actually feel "attacked" by this video while simultaneously claiming they are not, in fact, stupid.

Guess what party they are?

Liberals use their reasoning faculties differently than conservatives to a statistically significant degree and the differences correspond to different degrees in the size and therefore probable use of different parts of the brain. Liberals do less rationalizing away of data that offends their ego while conservatives are better at such self deception. It is only natural,m therefore, for liberals to notice their rational superiority and make fun of those who have less. They have egos too and in being intellectually more honest they aren't on average wrong.

Still, why these differences exist have survival value evolutionary explanations. There are survival benefits to groups that have both types when they work together. One fragment of a group calling another fragment stupid isn't conducive for cooperation is my bet.