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Best solution for two camera setup for guitar lessons


Junior Member
Jul 29, 2008
Hi folks

I'm trying to com up with the best solution for online guitar lessons. I want my (mostly 10-15 year old) students to see the type of view they see when they're watching their fav video game streamer on Youtube. I'd prefer to do this with my iPad Pro 12.9". Can I plug a camera into the lightning port? If so, will Zoom or Facetime 'see' both cameras? Next question is whether Zoom is even able to show a picture in picture view. My searches seem to indicate that the best I can do is toggle between cameras?

Is trying to do this with an iPad a bad idea, should I just use the desktop? If so, same questions arise - will Zoom handle the input from two USB cameras? Is there better software? I'll pay a reasonable amount but don't want to pay enterprise-level. Is the fastest, most worry free way to do this to buy an external box, maybe by Elgato or similar, plug both cameras into that and then run into my desktop? I know that this way you can just press a button and generate lots of different views.

Any help with this initial setup of a video guitar lesson rig would be much appreciated.