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Best place to buy a Nextel phone ?


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Oct 13, 1999
Where's the best place to buy a Nextel phone without a contract. And i do not want to go thru E-bay


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Feb 22, 2005
Sucks to be you then? You won't be able to just buy a brand new Nextel phone without a contract, short of going to Nextel and shelling out big bucks for it. Gotta be realistic, the phones themselves are pretty expensive, only reason they're cheap to get is because you sign the contract. Any place you find that sells new phones without activation/contract will be charging at least $250+

Amazon has Nextel phones on there, browse through and look at them, phones that cost $125 with a 2 year service setup are almost $400 without it. That's about what you'll be paying for a brand new one, anywhere between $200-$500 or so, depending on the model.


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Jun 7, 2000
How do you think you're not going to be put into a contract? I've been working with Nextel accounts for *years* and I have not once heard of anyone having an account with Nextel without having to sign a contract... they just do that. I bought my phone from a friend, for cash... but I still have a two-year contract with Nextel.

In the past, I've also purchased phones directly from Nextel Retail... the only difference? I got a discount for buying a new phone and putting it on a new plan. I still have the exact same contract as I did with my other phones...