Question Best drop in for Ryzen 1600 on a B450 board?

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May 6, 2020
Sorry, but that doesn't add up.

Would suggest its ~5% difference.

Meanwhile, going from a 1600 (6c @ 3.6 GHz) to a 3600 (6c @4.2 GHz) will net you at least a 30% improvement with all other things being equal.

Yes, you are leaving performance on the table - but the incremental improvement doesn't justify the expense.

Especially when the bigger question hasn't been answered yet - what GPU is in the system?
Yep. You need to be CPU limited to see the difference in faster memory. Tight timings matter as much or more than speed. If you don't tune the memory and you aren't CPU bound it doesn't matter much. If it were me I'd tune the existing 2666 memory. I bet it will at least do 3200 on its xmp timings.



Junior Member
Feb 6, 2020
Will that work on a B450 board though is the question?
The current line is that some B450 boards will support Zen 3. AMD will make the code available to motherboard manufacturers; it will be up to them to release BIOS updates for their motherboards. The BIOS update will be one way: once you have done it the motherboard will no longer work with Zen and Zen+ processors. (The problem is that there isn't enough room in the ROM to support all the generations.)