Best choice for President is..............


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Oct 10, 1999

Abortion -

<< The Quotable Harry Browne: on Abortion

&quot;There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing the
federal government to deal with abortion in any way. The
federal government shouldn't subsidize it, encourage it
discourage it, or prohibit it. And it shouldn't try to
overrule whatever the people in any given state decide to
do about it.&quot;

&quot;Government doesn't work. It doesn't protect adults on
the streets. It doesn't protect children in the schools.
Why should we think it's capable of protecting unborn

&quot;Given the government's record with the War on Poverty
and the War on Drugs, we can assume that a War on
Abortion would lead within five years to men having

The Most Contentious Issue Of Our Time

Abortion is one of the most contentious issues of our
time. Both sides have understandable positions --
whether a revulsion at government's continuing intrusion
into personal decisions or a concern for the children yet
to be born.

Until science can demonstrate otherwise, I must
assume that life begins at conception. Thus I believe
abortion is wrong -- very wrong.

But I also believe that the federal government should
never overstep the bounds of its constitutional authority.
The Constitution grants the federal government no
authority to legislate against common crimes -- murder,
theft, and so on. In fact, only three crimes are mentioned
in the Constitution: treason, piracy, and counterfeiting.
And so I must oppose the idea of having a federal law
against abortion.

Homosexuality -

Look up the Enviroment, Taxes anything you want to know about...........not a bad choice IMHO.



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Oct 9, 1999
I'm glad to see more voters are hearing Harry Browne's message. It ticks me off that he gets ignored by the media while Nader and Buchacan get constant mention.

However, it's understandable. Nader's (and the Green Party's) positions on most issues are right in step with the liberal media. And of course, &quot;Pitchfork Pat&quot; is a masterful communicator and just loopy enough to make great copy. With Harry Browne what do you get? Just a well-spoken amiable guy with rational thought-out positions. The media isn't geared to deal with someone like that!


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Oct 9, 1999
Harry Browne has as much chance to get elected as the man in the moon! Even if his message were to get out, Americans are too lazy to think for themselves! That is why we've the poor excuse of a Representative Republic we have. It might be the best in the world, but it needs an overhaul.

This is like crying that that during the World Series, the Cubs were left out! There are only 2 choices, pick one or get out of the way!;)


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Apr 15, 2000
Tom is right just this once. (Feel free to ignore anything else he posts. :p )

As close as this election is going to be, a vote for a third party candidate could be a vote for the guy you want to lose.

All you people with your Nader Radar need to look for something actually on the horizon-like Gore. :p


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Apr 21, 2000
<< There are only 2 choices, pick one or get out of the way! >>

That's one of the most empty-minded, socialist comments I've ever heard.

<< a vote for a third party candidate could be a vote for the guy you want to lose. >>

A vote for either major party candidate means no meaningful change for another 4 years. This keeps happening each time so its becomes another 4 years, and another and another. Gridlock, waste, corruption, stupidy in perpetuity. Boy that sounds like a lot of fun.

The best thing I can do politically in this life is to vote out democrat and republican weasels and vote in independents and others who aren?t restrained by the two-party system. At the present time this is far more important at the local and state levels than at the tyrannical federal level. But there will come a time of ?reckoning?. ;)


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Aug 15, 2000

<< Best choice for President is............ >>

my ass. It has better public speaking abilities than Gore/Lieb.


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Sep 14, 2000
TOM is right but then so is JellyBaby. Ugh, RED, UGH, Me.

Im so confused but I know we do need a change and should have more than 2 choices. No chance for a third party candidate to win TODAY but lets not rule it out in the future.


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Nov 24, 1999
It's a choice of whether you prefer to conserve or to progress, whether you're tight or flexible, whether you are interested in your personal short term benefit or the long-ranged benefit of others. It's about whether you want to punish or forgive. It's about whether the true level of your self respect leads you to self importance or self irrelevance. It's about how you were trained, your environment of origin, who you've know and how they influenced you. It's about how your need for affirmation aligns with your image of yourself.

If truth is your game, politics as a solution is probably irrelevant.



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Mar 9, 2000

I'm not an American, but what Red said make sense.

And, if this Harry Browne guy is for real...Could you guys clone him and send a copy to Canada.


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Nov 20, 1999
>>Harry Browne has as much chance to get elected as the man in the moon! Even if his message were to get out, Americans are too lazy to think for themselves!<<

Actually, Americans do a lot of thinking...
(ABOUT themselves, not FOR themselves.)

They love to hear that they are living at the poverty
level if they make less than 50 grand...
and thus qualify for some cheap politician's giveaway program.

They love to hear that they need two SUV's in every garage.

Americans choose simplistic greed over principle every time.
And no politician will dare to suggest they take a good
look in a mirror.



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Apr 7, 2000

I think the election process needs to be revamped - the Electoral College done away with, and the ballots should have &quot;none of the above&quot; added to them. If good ol' &quot;none of the above&quot; wins the popular vote then the candidates listed should be barred from running in the next election since obviously nobody wanted 'em enough. A new election with all new candidates should then be held. I'd happily vote &quot;none of the above&quot; and hope for some reasonable choice next trip out.


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Jan 10, 2000
unx: that would be awesome, and im sure it would work too, it would be great to see, and for the 3rd straight time in the 2000 elections &quot;none of the above&quot; has won the popular!!!

dam(none wins, none wins)


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Oct 9, 1999
Well said jobert!

There is only one way to get out of the current situation. Power is money. Reduce the money, you reduce the power. A reduction in taxes is a step in the right direction. A Republican President and Congress WILL reduce taxes.

This make GW not only a viable candidate, but the ONLY one it makes sense to vote for.

The Democrats have NEVER missed an opportunity to increase least since JFK.


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Feb 16, 2000
Gore supports the MCCAIN-FEINGOLD campaign finance reform bill.

Bush does not. (actually he cannot because he's a true modern Republican = corporate puppet).

MCCAIN is also actively interested in dealing with the worsening global warming effect. Gore was and will be active in this regards. Bush/Cheney don't care. Actually Cheney was (is?) part of an organization that condemns such action as a threat to U.S. sovereignty!! What a bunch of paranoid and lying sacks of poop.


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Oct 9, 1999
Red Dawn
How many times do I need repeat? Greenspan states tax cuts OR defict reduction! He said it in the same breath!

Repeat after me.....Tax Reductions lead to more economic activity! More economic activity leads to more taxes paid. Therefore more available revenue....Works every time!


<< Gore supports the MCCAIN-FEINGOLD campaign finance reform bill. >>

That is not true! As it was introduced out of commitee, it let Unions spend all the soft money it wants! If it indeed did what you think, the Democrats would NEVER vote yes on it.

Bush even mentioned that the bill had merit in the 'debate.'

Global Warming..

<< Gore was and will be active in this regards. Bush/Cheney don't care >>

Bush/Cheny have stated often they will base regulations on scientific facts and not left wing theories that have no scientific basis.



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Nov 24, 1999
&quot;Bush/Cheny have stated often they will base regulations on scientific facts..&quot; When Washington is too hundred feet under water and the polluters stop giving campaign contributions.


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Oct 10, 1999

<< That is not true! As it was introduced out of commitee, it let Unions spend all the soft money it wants! >>

You know and I know we need contribution reform, as much as you dislike unions giving money to canidates/parties I hate religious organizations doing the same, how about we trade? Uh-huh, that would be a pretty big blow to both parties, but that would be a good thing you ask me. :)



Jun 18, 2000
Best choice for president is anyone but Gore!Why?Because Gore rhymes with war and sounds very bloody!:disgust:


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Oct 9, 1999
Washington 200 feet under water..?...?....!!!:D Another good reason to vote for GW!!:)

Shux That was what the origional bill stated, but the form it came to the floor it exempted Unions.

There is a tremendous free speech issue here that would take a long time going through the courts to resolve. McCain/Feingold is dead.


Oct 9, 1999
Gee, Shux conveniently left out the rest of old Harry's platform. Let's see, if you're a single issue voter, and that issue is abortion, I guess Harry or Gore would be your man. But if any of the other big issues like SS Privatization, doing away with the marriage tax penalty, more local control of schools and tax reduction in general, Bush more closely follows Brown's model.

As far as government &quot;interfering&quot; on abortion, there is the matter of civil rights for babies about to be born. Civil rights were a Federal issue last I heard. I still think that a drunk that kills an 8 month pregnant woman has killed 2 people. I think the victim's family would feel the same way.

Well, here's the rest of Harry's view on other issues. If you like Harry, then Gore's views must turn your stomach:

Harry Browne Libertarian

George W. Bush Republican

Alan Keyes Republican

Albert Gore Jr. Democrat

Abortion issues:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I oppose abortion...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Pro-life with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.

    Alan Keyes -- Pro-life. Does not support abortion except in cases where fetal death is a collateral consequence of efforts to save a mother's life...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Pro-choice...
Affirmative action:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I oppose Affirmative Action...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Opposes quotas and racial preferences.

    Alan Keyes -- Opposes affirmative action on the contention that it divides the people, and patronizes minority groups.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Supports affirmative action.
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I favor an end to the War on Drugs...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Would increase sentences.

    Alan Keyes -- &quot;I've never been somebody who thought that you should be applying capital punishment indiscriminately. But I do believe that it is necessary in certain instances in order for a society to show due respect for life.&quot;

    Albert Gore Jr. -- ...he believes there is no more fundamental responsibility than to make Americans safer and more secure -- in their homes, on the sidewalks, and in their communities...
Defense spending:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;...stop American interference in the policies of other countries.&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Supports rebuilding America's military strength to keep the peace...

    Alan Keyes -- He believes we have carried cutbacks too far.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- ...supports a strong military and calls for continued development of advanced weaponry.
Drug policy:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I would end drug prohibition and the War on Drugs...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Strengthen penalties and sentences for drug-related crimes.

    Alan Keyes -- Increase penalties for selling drugs. Impose capital punishment for convicted international drug traffickers.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- &quot;The hours between 2 &amp; 6 are the most perilous hours of the day for our children. A teenager is most likely to take up smoking between the hours of 2 &amp; 6. That means we must engage our children in positive, constructive activities between the hours of 2 &amp; 6, [by expanding] access to quality after-school care for all our children.&quot;
Homosexual issues:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;The federal government has no Constitutional authority to legislate about groups, about marriage, about any personal matters.&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Bush opposes the extension of hate crime laws to protect gays and homosexual adoption.

    Alan Keyes -- &quot;the effort to equate homosexual and lesbian relations with legal marriage represents a destructive assault on the heterosexual, marriage-based family...&quot;

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Supported ENDA, an annually proposed, yet not yet passed, federal employment non-discrimination law which would protect gays and lesbians in the workplace...
Education money:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I would remove the federal government from education entirely...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Supports school choice.

    Alan Keyes -- Strongly favor school choice approaches...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- &quot;I oppose vouchers...&quot;
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;The two largest sources of pollution in America are:
    (1) government agencies polluting their own property; and
    (2) government allowing private companies to pollute government lakes, rivers, roads, and lands with strip-mining, clear-cutting, and toxic-waste-dumping...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Believes environmental standards must be based on sound science, solutions based on market driven technologies...

    Alan Keyes -- He supports weighing the impact of environmental legislation on jobs, private property rights, and economic concerns.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Al Gore has long been associated with environmental protection...
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I believe in the separation of school and state, which makes the question of what to teach in school completely irrelevant to the government. Parents would choose whether to send their children to a school that teaches evolution or a school that teaches creationism. The government would have no say in the matter.&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Believes both evolution and creationism are valid educational subjects...

    Alan Keyes -- ...Favors only local control of schools, which would open the door for the teaching of Creationism in public schools...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Favors the teaching of evolution in the public schools...
Foreign policy:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I favor no government aid whatsoever...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Interventionist...

    Alan Keyes -- Non-interventionist...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Interventionist.
Gun control:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I oppose gun control...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Opposes gun control.

    Alan Keyes -- Opposes.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Supports gun control legislation...
Health care:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;The federal government is the biggest barrier to good health. Medicare and Medicaid have run up the price of health care; federal and state mandates have priced health insurance outside the reach of young people; federal regulations have overloaded doctors and made them less able to treat their patients efficiently and inexpensively. I would abolish the FDA so that life-saving medicines are available sooner. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to be involved in health care.&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Supports medical savings accounts as a health insurance option for all Americans. Supports giving patients in federally governed health care plans protections similar to those already enacted in Texas; opposes legislation that would supersede reforms already enacted by states.

    Alan Keyes -- Favors allowing Americans to set up a tax-free medical savings account, which would be taxed if used for any purpose other than medical costs...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Supports. Wants to expand the availability of high quality health care to all Americans, especially seniors and children...
Moral issues:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;It is ludicrous to look to Washington for moral and ethical leadership...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Proposed spending at least as much on abstinence education as on teen contraception programs.

    Alan Keyes -- Supports school prayer, and a parent's right to choose a child's school...

    Albert Gore Jr. -- On the votes that the Christian Voice considered to be the most important in 1991-1992, Gore as a US Senator voted their preferred position 9 percent of the time.
Social security:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I would take Social Security completely away from the politicians -- and care for today's retirees with private annuities paid for by selling off federal assets the government has no Constitutional authority to own.&quot;

    George W. Bush -- Pledged to fulfill the solemn commitment of Social Security; no reduction in benefits for retirees or near retirees Called for dedicating all Social Security money to Social Security. Washington Post report: May 15 ?? &quot;George W. Bush called today for dramatic changes in Social Security and Medicare, the government's two biggest entitlements programs, including the creation of personal retirement accounts that he said would extend the solvency of Social Security and allow all Americans to create wealth.&quot;

    Alan Keyes -- Believes we must &quot;trust the capacity of people to make the right judgments about how to use their own money to provide for retirement...&quot;

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Would protect. Wants to invest 62 percent of the budget surplus to keep Social Security going until 2055. Wants to work with Congress to maintain Social Security at least through 2075, but is wary of risky tax schemes. Acoording to an AP report on May15, 2000``You shouldn't have to roll the dice with your basic retirement security,'' Gore argued that the government ultimately will wind up bailing out those whose investments don't pan out. Gore would use savings from paying down the national debt to pump more money into the program and maintain Social Security much as it is today.
Tax policy:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I would make government so small that we can repeal the income tax and not replace it...&quot;

    George W. Bush -- &quot;This is not only no new taxes, this is tax cuts, so help me God...&quot;

    Alan Keyes -- Wants to abolish the &quot;socialist&quot; income tax by replacing it with a national sales tax.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Wants to keep interest rates low and investment rate high. Aims for a balanced budget every year. Wants to continue &quot;reinventing government&quot; to eliminate wasteful spending.
Trade issues:
  • Harry Browne -- &quot;I believe you should be free to buy whatever you want from whoever is willing to sell it to you, anywhere in the world.

    George W. Bush -- Called for eliminating trade barriers and tariffs everywhere so &quot;the whole world trades in freedom...&quot;

    Alan Keyes -- Advocates trade controls. Believes that free government is more important than free trade.

    Albert Gore Jr. -- Free Trader.
You can vote libertarian and end up with just the opposet of what you really want. Or vote for the GOP and get better than 80% of your wish list fulfilled...


Oct 9, 1999
Nice post Ornery, I think a lot more people would be for Bush if they were truely aware of the candidates stands on the issuses vs. debating makeup, shifty eyes, grimaces and the like.


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Oct 9, 1999
Great post, Ornery. It will help those who aren't inclined to seek out the information on their own.

Most people aren't really up to speed on Libertarian positions. It's like a guy at work said to me the other day: &quot;Libertarian? Oh yeah, you're the ones who want to legalize drugs.&quot; There's a lot more to Libertarians than that. Thanks for helping round things out.