Benq XL2411 Backlight malfunction


May 12, 2014

while playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 my monitor got all of sudden half of its screen darker as if the backlight stopped working. It happened twice already but only during this game and it is also random. It does not happend lets say after an hour of playing. Today I just booted up my PC and was playing for 30 minutes when it happened. First time it happend after a half day of playing. After restarting my PC I was playing two days straight without any issues.
I have had the screen for over a year now and it has never happend before (playing Overwacth, HOTS, POE). Simple restart of the computer helps. Is it for RMA or what can it be?
Feb 25, 2011
Intermittent failures happen; usually get worse and more frequent until one day it's just lights-out for good.

How to proceed depends on where you bought it and if you have warranty coverage or not.
  • If you just bought it, generally you can return it to the store for a replacement.
  • If you're outside the return period of the reseller (check your receipt), but still have warranty coverage, you have to talk to the manufacturer directly and arrange an RMA.
  • If you're outside the manufacturer warranty period (which I think you are - I looked it up and those only have a one year warranty) then the manufacturer can rightfully tell you to go piss up a rope; no RMA for you. If the warranty only recently expired, sometimes you can get a little bit of leeway, if you ask nicely. (That last part is key.) So if it's been over a year, but not by much, it can't hurt to ask.
  • If you're outside the manufacturer warranty period but you have an extended warranty through SquareTrade or from your credit card company, then you have to file the claim through them. Typically, you will get a cash refund (maybe less a small processing fee), not a repaired product, but you can use the money to replace the monitor.
If you're not covered by a warranty, then you just have to deal with the intermittent failure until it gets so bad you buy a new monitor.