Bad Sectors on Kingston 40GB SSD


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Aug 8, 2001
Just noticed that my HTPC SSD has bad sectors. When I did Acronis backup, it could not finish and reported bad sectors.

When I scanned this with HD Tach, I could see three areas with bad sectors.

Is there any method of fixing this, or should I RMA the drive with Kingston?

If taking RMA route, I'd have to flash back original firmware. Currently using Intel's firmware with TRIM.



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May 14, 2002
This is a tightrope walk. I've never encountered an SSD with bad sectors and to add to the variables, it's a hacked firmware flash. 1st thing I would do is backup the files you can't live without. Then I would do scan/correct the file system before scanning the drive.

Do a basic chkdsk. Take a look at the bytes of bad sectors. It should be zero. If so you can do a chkdsk /R or chkdsk /B (for NTFS) to locate and mark bad sectors as bad in the file system. Then backup. If Acronis is still reporting errors, you know it's ignoring the file system information.

Next would be to try and run the Intel Toolbox since you flashed it as an Intel. It should read the SMART information and hint any actions to correct it. It will also have a quick and full diagnosis. In the HDD world, when doing a full scan with the manufacture's diagnosis software it usually replaces any bad sectors with new ones and if you're lucky in the SSD world it should do the same.

Let us know.
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