Babka. Ever Try It?

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Jul 19, 2014
A great Jewish dessert. I sometimes find it at Whole Foods. Can't remember the brand name, but I think it is Lilly's. They come in Cinnamon or Chocolate. I prefer the Cinnamon, as the Chocolate is too decadent for me. But I won't try the Whole Foods house brand. I find some of their bakery house brand foods, such as pies and pound cakes, are awful.

Years ago, a neighborhood bakery carried babka, both Cinnamon and Chocolate varieties. One day a week they'd bake a cheese babka. It was heavenly. You couldn't wait until the afternoon to visit the store, as the cheese babka sold out by noon. The family who owned and ran the bakery decided to retire, and so they sold the bakery. The new owners changed the inventory, and did not carry babka.

One of my favorite desserts. Not that I would want to live in NYC, but if I did, I'd be able to find babka more easily.


Nov 18, 2005

Thank you.
You have led me on a search for what look like drool-worthy creations, and I have now bookmarked this prize-winner because I must make it.

I cannot believe I have never had this before. Sweet bread and chocolate? Sign me up! :awe:

I am such a wannabe fatty. I can't help it. I indulge from time to time. :biggrin:
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