Audigy Lockup


Junior Member
Dec 14, 2001
I've got an

Athlon 900 (200fsb)
ECS K7VZA (rev 1)
256mb Ram
Gainward GeForce 3 ti 200
SB Audigy X-Gamer
running Windows 2000 pro with service pack 2

Alright, everytime i startup Quake III, Return to Wolfenstein as soon as the game initializes sound, it locks up my PC and I have to reboot.

I don't understand it, my Direct3d games seem to run fine, and if I turn Hardware Acceleration(on the sound card) all the way to the left (emulation) the games(Quake, and Wolfenstein) work.

I've tried everything, reseated the card, downloaded the new 4in1 1.36, a new bios, And EVEN did, The turn the ACPI HAL to Standard PC HAL. (to change the irq). I've got nothing else in ANY pci slots

My motherboard does have onboard sound, but I have disabled it in bios, and changed the jumper on the motherboard to Slave.
This is really frustrating.

Does ANYONE have a similar setup, or some advice here?