ATTN Comcast Users How often do you get attempts by hackers?


Senior member
May 9, 2002
I've had my Comcast Cable service for about 2 months now, and I've noticed that my firewall software (Norton) blocks an attempted attack via trojan horse about every 4 days or so. Almost always the ip is another comcast address, which makes sense I suppose. What I do find odd though, is that the only trojan horse (out of maybe 15 or so attempts) ever reported by my firewall software is the Backdoor/Subseven trojan horse. Every single time, it's that trojan horse. For those of you who also use Comcast: How often do get attacked/probed and what is the program you most frequently get attacked with? I'm curious as to how many other Comcast users get the Backdoor/Subseven all the time. At first, I always reported the attack to Comcast Abuse dept. but I'm sure they rarely, if ever, investigate it like they say will in the reply message they always send. Now I report it every few times, just in case it helps.