++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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May 15, 2015
I really hope Amazon hasn't switched over to AI yet but I have my suspicions since this is the kind of stupidity I would expect from a computer. Even a human with few remaining functional neurons wouldn't pull this kind of shit.

I inject insulin but since I'm type II (pancreas still works, it's more appropriately called metabolic syndrome), I can take "bolus" doses of a timed release formulation of insulin.

That type of insulin comes in prefilled "pens." So instead of insulin quality syringes, I just need the pen tips. Those consist of a 4-6mm needle of 32 or 31 gauge. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. So 32g is all but invisible. Quite a feat of manufacturing when you consider that it still needs a virtually microscopic tunnel to deliver the drug.

Anyway, historically I've ordered the needle tips from Amazon. They're of absolutely no use to a junkie. Why is a little convoluted but the pens themselves are marvels of mass manufacture and abuse resistance.

I'm not always in the best . . . . let's just say "frame of mind." So completely by accident, I end up ordering what must have a been a gross of Type I insulin syringes. These are the absolute, fucking holy grail for junkies since you can get more vein punctures per inch before your veins start to collapse.

Now, I've only tried heroin once and it was a huge disappointment, but that was snorting it. So I don't really have any interest in picking up yet another drug habit, least of all heroin . . . sorry, I should say "fentanyl" since heroin is what they use in the olden days when people were too jaded to just smoke opium any more.

The point here is . . . WTF'ingF? Amazon is jizzing themselves with joy at the chance to send me A #1 junkie grade needles - for which I have no imaginable use unless I need to feed some lost baby humming bird. But ask for the kind of needles that simply CAN NOT be abuse w/o a lot more work than the average junkie is willing to expend and all of a sudden it's "no soup for YOU!"

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May 24, 2003
Read up on defensible space and firewise construction. There is a lot you can do to protect yourself from wildfire. Since you haven’t built yet, you can design your structures to be more survivable.

Yeah that will be the plan. There is no stopping it 100% but can at least try. Wildfires can also be very strange in that they can completely "miss" areas. When Fort Mac burnt down there were houses that were left untouched surrounded by ones that burnt down completely. Sometimes it's just luck of the draw.

The other danger is direct lightning strikes, there is really not much you can do to protect from that but hopes and dreams that it just doesn't happen. I'm actually surprised it does not in fact happen all that often. You figure in a typical city setting, the odds of getting a hit on a house is fairly high but it doesn't seem to be something that happens often.