++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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Jul 15, 2003
My cousins wedding went exceptionally well. Everyone had fun, even me (the sourpuss). Rain was held off by the force of god or my aunts will, which may be just as powerful. Pretty much everything went perfect except for the detour which turned a 2 mile trip to the country into a 30 mile trip. Was one of those nights you wish could go forever, and in my life I've only had a handful of those, less than one per decade. Also got me thinking about my own life and how even though a lot of bad shit has happened, I am mostly miserable because I choose to be, no other real reason. You guys may think I am the forums largest asshole (and I probably am) but my little cousin thinks I am the greatest thing in the world and always wants to have me around. Wish I knew why.
I think in the future I may need to be a bigger part of the family and try to engage more. Stop making excuses to not go home or write decent letters.

Oh, and there will be tons of pictures of hot blonde sorority sisters in skimpy dresses available soon. Just give them a couple days to get sober and upload everything. I will post links.


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Sep 30, 2005
wtfbbq, was trying to buy a fixer upper and there were 5 buyers!

asking 499, sold for 524, my bid was 511...