Ati HD3870 and HD3850 price drops

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Oct 19, 2006
or you have simply convinced yourself you are.

back on topic: AMD/ATi have effectively made their cards "mid-range" in terms of price segment which means the only high-end card to buy from them is the X2, and i think thats a marketing flop.

there is no need for them to react to the 9600GT with a new midrange card so i hope they are working on a new high-end model.

in any case, i can definately see a 3870 in my future because i think that with proper pricing scheme it could be the top mid-range card for a long time.

now, could you pass the salt please?


Sep 3, 2001
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I don't see why the price of the 3870X2 would drop, ATI's flagship and currently the best single card solution, no reason for a kickass midrange (although overpriced like hell right now) should lower the price on something in the high-end range.
To take some wind from Nvidia's sails when the GF9 series fully launches.
nooo... thats evil business practices and only nvidia does that![/sarcasm]

I remember how so many people cried foul when nvidia released the 8800GT saying its unfair that they are releasing an unfinished geforce 9 early to simply take the wind out of AMD's 38XX release...
yeah, because the 38xx was a whole new chip :roll:

Both the 38xx and G92 8800GT/GTS were basically only mere relaunches of older tech on smaller fab processes and thus much less power consumption and heat (as well as cheaper to produce and thus lower prices)


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Jul 27, 2002
Well, I don't know about the conspiracy theory, but I think it's like the first time ever that a mid-range product came out (9600 GT) before a ultra-high end? (be it 9800 GTX or GX2) I find it interesting.

Anyway, if HD 3850 price drops to $100 in near future.. CrossFire, here I come..


Sep 3, 2001
Meh, we only really started to get into any sort of a rhythm with the GF6 and RadeonX series, and even then it only lasted for two generations. And when we consider the arms race that produced the overly hot and power hunger 2900xt and 8800GTX/Ultra, things were somewhat messed up as a result seeing as how we eventually saw the release of the Radeon 38xx and G92 8800...upper mid-range/lower high-end cards with much better thermals and power consumption. From the looks of things it seems like things are still screwed up. I mean is the GF9 series really going to be all that much better or is it just improved lower and mid range with a few tweaks to the high end - with the only major benefit being reasonable temps and power consumption?

And it didn't really debut first. The G94 is based off of the G92 which powers the 8800GT/GTS, but again, this is just all due to messed up refresh cycles. When you think about it, while nVidia dominated with everything at the price level of the 8800GT and up, they didn't really have anything to compete in the range filled by the 3850 to the 3870. People like to talk about how well the 8800GT has been selling, but it isn't like the 38xx series has been doing poorly - its just not as glamorous because it isn't the kill of the hill position. The 9600GT gives nVidia a product that compete very well in that range and fills a gap for them.


Aug 14, 2000
the 9800GX2 will be the flagship card and since that's pretty much dual 8800GTS (G92) we can assume the 9800GTX will be nothing more than a slightly tweaked (maybe more memory, that AA bug fixed, higher clocks)
What AA bug?


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Jan 16, 2003
Originally posted by: BFG10K
the 9800GX2 will be the flagship card and since that's pretty much dual 8800GTS (G92) we can assume the 9800GTX will be nothing more than a slightly tweaked (maybe more memory, that AA bug fixed, higher clocks)
What AA bug?
Some were mentioning that G80/92 used too much memory when AA was used. The "bug-fix" for lack of a better term, may just be a memory controller improvement in G94 and up.

So while it was not officially documented as a "bug", that is what people are calling it now, seeing how well G94 does when AA is used.

My guess anyway.


Mar 9, 2000
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AMD called us to announce new prices for the Radeon HD 3850 512 MB and HD 3870. In the USA tonight (and everywhere else soon after), e-tailer prices for the HD 3870 should drop from $245 to $189; The price of the HD 3850 512 MB should drop from $199 to $169.
i think this can be considered good news

AMD is competitive again .. now let's see them do this with CPUs :p

Here's my favorite part and my *own* speculation [re: May ... not June]
Could this mean that something new is coming in the graphics world?
Stay tuned.
well, duh ...

Late April if we're really lucky ... but the tea cup is murky
come on... daamit has had one good release in 3 years and you're assuming that they're going to be 3 months ahead of nvidia??? This price cut is in direct response to 9600gt, it has zero to do with r700. Don't get me wrong, I hope that they do come out really early and so does nvidia, I just don't think either one of them is even close to ready yet.
3 years ... surely you exaggerate ... DAAMIT hasn't been in existence for 3 years :p

Just wait and see ,,, i am not going to argue with you

i am just reading the 'signs' .. i have been waaay wrong before ... :p
- it's AMD now ... think 'sneaky' ... not ATi ... the 9600gt isn't throwing *anyone* into a panic