ATI All in Wonder 8500DV vs GeForce4 TI-4200


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Jan 18, 2000

I'm putting together a AMD setup on an Aus A7N8X Board. and i'm looking for video card suggestions.

My main computer activities will consist of general office applications, moderate gaming (Warcraft III, SimCity 4K), and Video in DVD burning. The higher end AIW cards are out of my price range.

I've heard good things about both cards are they even in the same ballpark?




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Feb 17, 2002
The Ti4200 is significantly faster than the 8500DV; overclocking (both) only further widens the gap. The 4200 is still a fair bit faster than the regular (more expensive) 8500 AIW, but not way faster. However the AIW has all of those extra features. Depending on whether you really need them or not, get which one that suits your needs best. Both will run WC3 fine, but the Ti4200 is definately faster.


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Feb 5, 2001
The aiw is going to be filled with tons of other features you may not need or use...get a good vivo ti4200 card and software encoding will be as good as the ati card which uses software as hardware encoding....What I am basically saying the MMC and ati card is no "cats meow". You can find tons of products who can do it as well...

The AIW 8500DV is also clocked at 230mhz core and 195mem....I can oc it easily to 250/225 but that still represents about 25/50 lower then standard 8500 retail speeds.

Trust me I own it!!!