AT Shot of the Day Thread

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Aug 5, 2000
dude that is amazingly crisp. what were you shooting with?

Hand held Canon R3, Canon 100L IS Macro, manual focus, ISO 320@200, F9.0. Neutral lighting due to moderate overcast conditions helped a whole lot while I was trying to compose the shot because I didn't have to deal with high/low contrast. The lizard was square and parallel with the plane of the lens over most of the length of his body, so all I had to do was get nearly focused on his eyes and then gradually rocked back and forth until I thought it looked like it was focused correctly, all while trying not to spook the little fella from launching himself at my rig. In other words, I got damn lucky. ;)

Oh, forgot to mention in PS, I used a bit of clarity, noise reduction, and a smidgin of vibrance and saturation and unsharp mask to tidy things up.
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Jul 27, 2020

A famous sycamore tree that stood sentinel on Hadrian’s Wall for more than 200 years lies on the ground in northern England’s Northumberland National Park. The tree, made famous to millions around the world when it appeared in Kevin Costner’s 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves,” was "deliberately felled" in what authorities called an act of vandalism. Two people were arrested. Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

So shameful. There is just no excuse to harm a 200 year old tree. Vile humans who did that.
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Jun 30, 2003
i can't stress this enough...print. your. photos.

it's been my christmas/birthday gift to myself the last couple years and it's fucking phenomenal. that aurora shot is a 30x90" print and it was worth every goddamn penny. the others are 16x24"

edit: i use bayphoto for my printing services. these photos are on fuji matte paper. i think their quality is quite good and prices are reasonable for high-quality prints. saaldigital is also great - i've used them for a couple of photo books.

photo wall.jpg
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Jun 20, 2006
i can't stress this enough...print. your. photos.

Agreed. For our really good and vibrantly colorful photos we'll spring for metal prints. You have to worry about light reflection when considering where to hang but they really do a great job bringing out the colors. Currently we have our African sunset, St Chappelle interior and Neuschwanstein castle up