Asus m3a78-em


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Jan 28, 2005
OK, I have a new build using a Asus m3a78-em motherbard, 4GB OCZ ram, two 500GB WD drives, and two Samsung 1TB drives. Windows XP. No raid. main drive is one of the 500GB WD drives
I was having an issue where one of the Samung 1TB drives would disappear from within windows. I would have to do a search under the hardware manager to get it to appear again. The other 1TB drive would always show up.
If I switch the motherboard sata ports used for the two 1TB drives, the problem would go to the other 1TB drive. I also replaced all sata cables, with no change. So, must be the board.
This board has 5 sata ports, and 1 esata port,. My understanding is the SB700 controls all the sata ports.
Now, here is the "fix" I found. I switched sata ports, and swapped the DVD burner with one of the 1TB drives. Now, XP sees all drives just fine. WTF?

Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? I have read of some issues using 1TB drives.
Should the order of which sata ports are used for the drives and burner really matter, especially with drives that are not the boot disk?

Oh yeah, the bios sees all drives just fine.