Question Asus B550-F Strix (Wi-Fi): Trdwr memory timing different when both memory channels are occupied


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Jan 10, 2011
When I have both sticks inserted into the memory slots (A2 and B2), the Trdwr timing for memory channel A is 8 and for memory channel B is 7 is set to Auto for that timing in the BIOS and using the DOCP profile. I tested each stick separately and it shows a 7 for the Trdwr timing. If I manually set the Trdwr timing to 7 on both channels, then my PC will have a blank screen when powering up and do nothing. If I leave it on Auto when using the DOCP profile, I once had stability issue such as getting kicked out of PC Building Simulator when loading the game with an error message and I'm not sure if the cause of that issue was due to the different timings for Trdwr for each channel but I haven't had that issue since manually setting it to 8 for both channels. My PC will power up fine when using each stick separately with the Trdwr on Auto (7) but not together manually set at that timing. My sticks are the 32GB (2x16GB) Crucal Ballistix Gaming DDR4-3200 kit. My motherboard is the Asus B550-F Strix (Wi-Fi) and every BIOS I tried since I used this board has had this issue with the both channels having a different Trdwr timing when both channels are used. Is the Trdwr timing specific to the motherboard and not the stick itself? The reason I ask is because it shows 7 for the Trdwr if tested individually on the same slot. Should it be set to 8, the slower timing, if using both sticks together instead of leaving it on Auto (both channels different Trdwr timing) or setting it to 7, the faster timing?
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Jul 22, 2023
Did you ever find what's wrong? I have the same problem with an X670E AsRock steel legend using 2x 16GB XPG Lancer DD5 5600mhz