Question aspenONE V12 activation on Windows 11


Junior Member
Apr 28, 2023
Hi guys.

I am installing aspenONE V12 on a Windows 11 (x64) HP workstation. However, during the license import, the WlmAdmin Subnet Servers have never shown my <computername> despite I have created LSHOST = <computername> in the system variables. It only shows "computername<dot>hitronhub<dot>com" (hitronhub is my router) with the enable internet (cable ethernet) or "activate<dot>adobe<dot>com" with the disable internet. Both Sentinel RMS License Manager 9.7.2 (latest version) and 8.5.1 (included) don't work. I can import the license file "aspenv10.slf" into the "computername<dot>hitronhub<dot>com" (more than 3100 licenses) but it did not active the products. The activation method can be found here:

Thank you.