News ARM Cortex X3/Cortex A715 announcement

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Dec 19, 2014
ARM just announced their 2022 slate of CPU + GPU silicon IP yesterday, including the codenamed Makalu-ELP Cortex X3, Makalu Cortex A715 and a power optimised rehash of A510 (codenamed Klein).

It appears that a true successor for A510 codenamed Hayes is scheduled for 2023 to coincide with Hunter/Hunter-ELP big/bigger cores, and 2024 big cores codenamed Chaberton, all it seems in keeping with the mountain naming scheme.

There is also the obligatory new GPU IP Mali G715, and a new flagship GPU branding with Immortalis G715 - this flagship also has ray tracing on top of the Mali feature set.

Cortex X3 info link.

Cortex A715 info link.

Cortex A510 rehash info link.

Mali/Immortalis G715 info link.

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Panino Manino

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Jan 28, 2017
It's an ARM reference design, it's not exclusively Qualcomm's baby. Plus I expect Qualcomm to have their own Nuvia-enriched IP soon.

That being said, ARM Ltd. is being very conservative. They are clearly not trying to catch up to Apple.

Oh yes, sorry for the mistake.
May I ask something?
The new designs will start being 64bit only. There will not support for 32bit. This means that transistors will be actually removed from the chips?