Are entry level dual core processors outdated for games coming out in 2009?


Sep 25, 2001
I havent played games in 1+ years but want to get back into it.

you basically need entry level dual core now to play some games. (ie: Supreme Commander with any kind of medium high unit count (6+ player))

i could get for $185:
Biostar 945GC + Intel E2140 processor + 2GB DDR2 667 Memory

but are entry level dual cores (Intel E21x0, AMD X2 4000) outdated to play games that come out 12months from now?

Is the minimum level now E4300/AMD X2 5000? Why/Why not?


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Dec 14, 2007
I dunno, what are the cpu req's for games that are going to be released in 1-1.5yrs?
Are they more cpu or gpu intensive at the resolution you'll be running at said time?
When you know those 2 answers, then you'll have answered your own question.


Mar 22, 2006
The E2xxx series CPUs may be outdated, but overclock them a bit (or a lot) and they'll be right back into business. To do so, however, you'd need a better motherboard - nowadays, P35 motherboards are the most recommended.

In any case, I don't think they'd really be that outdated. It took at least 3 years for my P4 1.8ghz northwood to not be able to play games well (picked it up in August of 2002; it doesn't run CS Source that well and hits a cap at 30-40fps; nades choke it down to 10-15fps). Athlon 64s are still chugging along in a bunch of peoples' systems, too. They would last longer, except that the single core is hindering them now.