AP: $700M and not a single item from WMD list found -- "most secretive, expensive and fruitless weapons hunt in history"

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Feb 17, 2002
And these were sunk by the French?

BTW, what was the purpose of attempting to reiterate 1441?


Oct 13, 1999
Originally posted by: Gaard
And these were sunk by the French?

yes the french lead the opposition

BTW, what was the purpose of attempting to reiterate 1441?
To state that iraq was not in compliance 1441 and all previous resolutions passed since the first gulf war.


Aug 25, 2001
I fully agree with bowfinger. When the US government goes to war over WOMD and there are none to be found then I have a problem. When we destroy and take down other governmnets without reason, then there is a problem. Even though Saddam was a scub bag, so is our very own governmnet. As example: It has been months and no one has found who sold out a CIA operative. Treasonous acts coming from the white house and Bush backers don't care. The purgering of Mr Bush when he told the nation that Africa was selling Iraq uranium. Of course it is someone elses fault. If the speech writer put in something about him "getting down on the farm." he would have said it. <Baaaaaaa> . I wonder what else has been leaked out of national security importance? The fact that we have been lied to about the safety of our airliners. Even though it has been shown to be a falacy.
So shouldn't we start by taking down our own government? Getting rid of the liers and cheats? They are every bit as bad as Hussein ever was. Lieing and cheating to get themselves ahead. We for one ARE stockpiling WOMD. Theres a chemical weapons depot right here! Only a hours drive away. Posistioned right over a drinking water aquifer. Theres American logic for you! Storehousing some of the worst chemical weapons to be imagined. Breaking treaties at the drop of a dime. Like the missile treaty Bush ended with the USSR. The US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars, not no mention the lives of thosands of Americans have been lost in vein. All based on a lie. Theres little room for Bush appologists to ignore the facts.


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Jul 23, 2003
Originally posted by: Jhhnn
So, uhh, lemme get this straight- The US invoked those serious consequences for violations that didn't exist, correct? And we had nothing more than suspicion when said actions were taken?

That can't be right- Dubya, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld and whole chorus of Admin officials claimed to have proof. Maybe "proof" and "evidence" aren't the same thing? We started out with proof of actual WMD's, then backpedalled to proof of weapons programs, then to proof of potential for weapons programs, then to "we're still looking" and now, nothing- zero, zip, zilch, nada... yeh, but we "freed the Iraqi people", whatever that means... as if the war could have been sold on that basis...

Maybe the American Public has been suckered into a monumentally expensive and foolish military blunder, but are too well indoctrinated to see it, let alone admit it? Or maybe it was blind rage, lust for islamic blood, any islamic blood, that allowed us to be manipulated into it?
Excellent post. Will we awaken before November?

Bush Apologists of America (BAA): pulling the wool over America's eyes since 1980