Question Aorus Elite B550 X16 retention bracket


Jul 15, 2017
Have a Gigabyte Aorus b550 elite and the retention bracket on the first X16 slot used for GPU fell off. I inspected the bracket and did not notice any damage. Just seemed to pop off when removing the old GPU.

This is the method I used to remove the GPU, push down on the retention bracket and lift softly on the card until it is out of the slot. Of course I remove the screws from the case as well, otherwise you can't remove the card.

Just wanting to know what others think, slot works fine have a new GPU in as well working as intended. But know if for what ever reason I have to RMA the board this might be a thing. At the moment I consider it a feature as it's always been a pain with those brackets. Now at least no hinderance but if I do need to RMA the board will need to reattach the bracket, looks like it just slips into the end of the slot.

I know on other threads some folks seem to have little gremlens with some boards, I have a used 10g network card under Linux, say in a few days just fails off the network as not detected. No dropped packets, no indication of a card hardware problem just not detected by the hardware. I have to reboot to solve the issue, this board is not overclocked runs OpenSuse and is used for Boinc.

The PSU is a Seasonic bronze 650 unit, and have no power issues. Was wondering if it was a board issue, or a bios issue. I know that this board in the past had network problems with onboard network port. It is rev 1 board, I know that beta bios issues from time to time can effect hardware.

The only known problem is with a Samsung 250g M.2 drive that reports that the error log increases count by 1. I am now up to 517 counts and google says it''s a firmware problem that Samsung won't solve. That is why I won't buy Samsung drives to be used in Linux.

The network problem is perplexing, like I said acts like a hardware problem it literally drops off the face of the earth. Network manager can not detect the card. Only a reboot solves the issue. I don't like beta bios tend to keep on older versions, I am curious if this is a board problem or a network card problem. I have never noticed a network card not being recognized one moment and then not being listed in hardware. Maybe I really do need server boards just for the stability.



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Aug 22, 2001
Does it look like you could reinsert the retention bracket? I'd keep it, because as you observed, it may help avoid potential RMA rejection.

The other stuff is more down to linux and the hardware used, than the board, me thinks.

I have been using the newer AX V2 model of the board, and it is a tank so far. Only use win11 pro with it. I have other systems for linux and older windows.
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