AOpen AX6B upgrade (I apologize for the cross-post. Wasn't sure where to put it.)


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Jul 12, 2000
I'm in the process of upgrading an original AOpen AX6B (no C, no Gold, etc.) and assorted hardware for my daughter. She's not a heavy 3D gamer, but does play occaisionally. Most of her use is school-related research, term papers and an every once-in-a-while graphics project.
It's to the point now that anything graphics related slows to a crawl.
Currently, it's running with a PII 400, 128 MB RAM, a Diamond Viper V550(TNT) video card w/16 MB RAM, and a SB Live sound card. There's plenty of free hard disk space and a speedy enough CD-ROM drive.
If I'm reading the Aopen CPU table correctly, I can install up to a Pentium III 600, 100Mhz FSB processor and get the benefit of everything I pay for.
Also, what would be a good "bang for the buck" video card replacement? A GeForce2 MX, GeForce DDR, GeForce SDR, 32MB or 64MB?

I'm open to your suggestions. Thanks for your help!


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Jan 27, 2000
Post this in the Motherboard group and you'll find someone who knows exactly what your AOpen mobo can do and how to do it. Don't forget to add some system memory...RAM is v. inexpensive these days. On the video adapter, prices falling make the GTS2 cards about the same as an MX card a month ago, and the GF2 GTS is a much better card than any of the other choices you list.