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Anyone with experience with the decoder station 5?


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Feb 16, 2005
So I've given up on the fact of trying to get my sound blaster z to decode DTS/DD 5.1 through my speakers, and realized I needed a 5.1 decoder. So I saw this "decoder station 5" which does DTS/DD in a small package a la DD5.1 and DDTS-100 (and the millions of logitech THX cert 5.1 speakers)

Sure I'm going to loose my EAX xxx and direct sound, but I'm getting DD/DTS encoding via sound card, and I can play my PS3/4/XBone/360 all with it's 5.1 glory outputted to my Edifier 5.1 speakers.

Problem is, I can't find decoderstation in the US for the life of me. Are there any products like this besides the DDTS-100/ Klipsch DD5.1 (which wouldn't work 'cause only 1 optical in, 1 coax)