Anyone watch Iron Chef?

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Senior member
Oct 9, 1999
We watch the show every week. It's cheesy as hell, but we like it. Bobby Flay should probably be able to kick some Iron Chef butt, being it's in Bobby's crib (he grew up in NYC). Provided of course the main ingredient isn't Puffer fish or Tofu. For Bobby's sake, let's hope the main ingredient is pork or ancho peppers.



Senior member
Jun 1, 2000
I thought I was the only one that watched this show. I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I like it. I also like to watch Julia Child sometimes cuz it always looks like the French guy she cooks with(Jacques) is annoyed with her for moving too slowly. I want to see if he eventually snaps and kicks her butt (I doubt it though cuz she is just this massive lady :p )


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Oct 10, 1999
I don't know if Bobby flay can beat an Iron Chef. He's good and all, but the Iron Chefs are some of the best in the world. bobby flay has his own show partly because he's charismatic, and not just on his cooking ability. I think his range may be a bit limited, especially with the asian based ingredients that seem to happen all the time.
Ming Tsai probably would still get his ass kicked, and I don't really think Emeril would do too well against the iron chefs. Emeril is not abotu subtlety, which I think is what wins a lot of iron chef battles.

Iron Chef Morimoto is amazing. His japanese fusion techniques are incredible to watch. Also, their ability to stick their fingers in hot oil for a taste is too crazy.
Anyone catch the NYC special? Bobby Flay vs. Iron Chef Japanese.
Nov 20, 1999
Bobby Flay Got his arse beat. Morimoto seemed extremely mad when Flay stood on the chopping board.
Hehe, I only caught the end. Good to see Bobby Flay catch a beatdown. He is really annoying. Everything he makes he adds a pound of cilantro to.