Question Anyone using Win 11 beta use Windows Hello face login? question


Jan 6, 2002
I know Win 11's beta, but Googling this I'm not seeing anything about this problem. The closest was having to install it because it's missing.

It worked with Win 10, I joined the dev thing and downloaded the beta yesterday and it no longer works. I followed the 2 things I found on Google, but both were pertaining to it not being installed, which isn't my problem. I did remove and reinstall it, and I removed and let Windows reinstall the biometric device. The camera isn't detecting me, and when I go into the Windows Hello face settings to reset it up or improve the detection. It sits there for a few seconds and closes out back to the desktop with nothing opening. Wondering if anyone here's able to get into the Windows Hello facial recognition settings?

I figured if this was an issue there would be at least someone posting about it on Google, but searched and came up blank.