Anyone use a mini left keypad for gaming?

Discussion in 'Audio/Video & Home Theater' started by mazeroth, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I am finishing up my theater room here shortly which will have three theater seats in it (small room). I would like to play PC games in there with a keyboard and mouse but don't want to use a conventional keyboard. I injured my left wrist a few years ago and it would hurt too much to hold it up and twist it to use a regular keyboard. What would be perfect is if I could use a mini keyboard/keypad that I could rest on the left side of my left leg so my hand/wrist is in its natural position.

    I searched and found two items but both are discontinued and I'm not sure if they would be ergonomically comfortable for my situation. Would these do the job for me or is there something better out there? I plan on making a small lap surface for the mouse, which shouldn't be a problem as my right hand and wrist are 100% fine.

    Thanks for any help!
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    There is also the Logitech G13. I dont use it, but it should function just like a keyboard.