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Anyone still playing Guild Wars?

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Feb 6, 2010
Yes it is! Times infinity!! :D
How is Guild Wars not an MMO? It is massively multiplayer (other people online) and it is online, therefore guild wars is an mmo.

Not the same as most MMO's so the best way to describe guild wars would be a non-traditional MMO. :)


Mar 22, 2008
Loved GW series, have all the collector editions and EotN. Took a break for like a year and recently went to go play again but couldn't log in and even using password retrieval didn't work. So emailed them and after getting this sorted out I log in only to see my Dervish I had spent soo much time on with full Primeval and all the rare Scyths as well as all my cash and collector edition pet were gone. Other characters were stripped too, but my Dervish was the only one I really cared about.

Sent them an email and NCSoft was like, sorry we can't do anything cause apparently my account was hacked sometime in that year that I took off and the account was closed down.

I raged and uninstalled it from my computer and am still angry when I think about it.
I just hoped in here to read some (Im bored) but what happened here is TOTALLY fucked...just cause some jackass hacked your account (huh?) when you werent playing means that you have completely lost all your characters and stats? That to me just seems 110% screwed!