Anyone playing Hades? I'd like your input.


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Mar 10, 2007
A few days ago I asked a seemingly minor question on the Steam discussions and it's apparently sparked quite a bit of uncertainty among the players, which I found incredibly odd that nobody had a clear-cut answer to my question.

To those unfamiliar with the game, some doors contain Olympian boons as a reward and some contain other rewards, but these rewards are shown to the player as an icon inside an orb. Now, these orbs can contain a number of different features (laurel color, skulls, chevrons, etc.) that denote different aspects of what's behind the door or what else the reward can be changed to (with a Fated Authority). Now, I noticed during my many runs that sometimes the orb containing Olympian boons would have rays of light emanating off the orb and sometimes, it also contains sparkles of light accompanying the rays. After asking the community if they knew the significance to the rays or sparkles of light, most people either completely ignored my question or simply said the lights were just fancy graphical flourish and nothing else. After doing a lot of testing lately, it's starting to look like the graphical flourish does more and may hint at better or higher tier rewards behind that respective door (screenshots of examples to follow).

So, has anyone here noticed the same thing or is anyone here interested in testing out my theory of better rewards? If we could use seeds or save states I could figure this out in about an hour, but we can't so I've been hoping the god of RNG would assist me in my testing. I could be wrong here and just chasing a red herring, but I'd love a definite answer before I lay this to rest and admit I was wrong. My findings could also just be pure coincidence as I'm not entirely sure how the rewards are calculated and it seemed nobody else in the discussions (not even the mod) knows either.

So far, here's what I've found in my last run:

It's a bit hard to see, but the door for Dionysus has sparkles around the boon whereas Aphrodite's door just has rays of light. Dionysus's rewards were Epic, Epic, and Duo.

Sparkles on the door to Erebus which gave double rewards.

Sparkles and rays on Athena's door.

After this I came across two boons that both had skulls and rays of light, but no sparkles. Picked Zeus and the rewards were Epic, Rare, and Rare. Continued on and came across three plain boons (no skulls, no rays, no sparkles) and all rewards were Common, Common, and Rare.

Moving into Elysium, I came across Athena and Zeus, but as you can clearly see, Athena has the flourish, whereas Zeus is pretty basic up top.

There is also the fact that in the River of Styx, the two boss doors (denoted by the skulls and chevrons) ALWAYS have rays of light (no sparkles) and a weird pulsating light. I'm fairly sure the pulsating light is just to draw attention to those being the boss doors since it's somewhat dark up there and there's a lot of doors to choose. But, the boss doors also give double rewards if it's a resource and if it's a boon it's always higher tier rarity. As for Charon's shop in the Styx, the more expensive boons (excluding Hermes since he's the exception to the rule for Olympians) always have rays and sparkles whereas the cheaper boons do not. Every single time I've purchased the more expensive boons, I've only seen a common rarity boon after I've used a Fated Authority on it and rerolled it into junk. More commonly, you'll see Legendary, Heroic, and Duo boons from the more expensive ones in the River.