Anyone know anything about PC Faxing?


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Mar 25, 2004
My dad works out of the house and has asked me to help him set up a system where he can automatically fax his best customers a daily report. Could anyone give me a few pointers as far as how to get this done? The basic idea is that he will have a database full of customers that will be imported into some type of fax program and every person in the database will get the same fax. This will be on a routine basis - daily/weekly/ hasn't been determined yet. Thanks in advanced.


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Oct 30, 2000
You will best be able to accomplish this by setting up the fax S/W for broadcast to a set group of numbers.

Then you can have a word processing pacakge that will do a mail-merge on the addresses and print to the fax. The fax will act like a printer.

How you choose to automate the word processing/mail-merge will be up to you.

Easiest way would be to run the mail-merge macro against the addresses and then eighter have a macro or user activate the print button to the Fax printer.

If automated, the Fax printer should be set to be the default printer by default or deliberately.