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Anyone have experience with a wireless internet service provider?

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May 2, 2000
Q]Originally posted by: rnmcd

WOW wbresson! How did you find those sites? I was able to find prairieinet with a google search but I didn't come up with dybb.com.

I have written them requesting service and I plan to give them a call too.[/quote]

Just a google search, I'd heard of Prairienet before but not dybb. I believe dybb might have serice in Ames now. You might also try PcPartner but I don't think they have service that far East.[/quote]

I just noticed you are from Iowa too!!! No wonder you know the geography of the area. I had tried PCPartner several times in the past but they don't offer service in my area yet.

Apparently the search keywords you used in google were much better than mine....what did you use?



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May 2, 2000
Originally posted by: Grouchyoldguy
Just for clarity, the Novatel card I mentioned above is not 802.11a/b/g. It is cellular internet.
Grouchyoldguy, any idea what your upload speed is?

Have you found many areas that you couldn't get service?

What service plan do you have?

It sounds like the Novatel card might be the way to go for me.



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Jun 4, 2003
If you know someone with a Sprint phone the coverage should be the same. http://www.mobileuniverse.com/products/pc_card/merlin_c201/coverage.shtml Link to Sprint coverage map. http://www.patents.com/pcs/ Here is a link to some good info on several of these cards. The problems with the Sprint card that were mentioned have not happened to me. My brother is a cell site tech for Sprint and knows the Novatel card inside and out. If you have specific tech questions I can ask him.
I have unlimited for $100/mo. Last time I was at a Sprint store I didn't see that plan so it might not be available anymore.
The biggest downside I can think of is that during commute times in my area cell phone traffic slows my speeds down by about half.


Apr 9, 2000
Originally posted by: rnmcd
Originally posted by: wbresson
what city are you the closest to rnmcd ? There are a ton on wireless internet towers in Iowa, it all just depends on where you are at in the state
I live about 15 miles from Ames, Iowa. I am aware of a few stores (such as Borders Book Store) that offer 802.11b access but the distance is obviously limited.

Any other suggestions?
hey, I live just outside of Ames. Where are you?