Anyone have Alcatel Idol 4S Windows phone?


Jul 11, 2001
Gotta problem here. I was 3 miles from home today and wanted to search for a phone number, a local company. I clicked my shortcut icon on the desktop for Microsoft Edge (I was not in airplane mode), I had 4 bars on my ATT 4G internet and got a message that I couldn't be connected. I make a cell phone call to my home phone to see if I can make calls and I reached my land line. I get home and call my provider, Airvoice Wireless and ask what's up with this. I got the phone in January. That phone developed a problem and I got RMA service and a replacement phone middle of August. I called Airvoice Wireless when I got that phone and they walked me through APN configuration.

Today I didn't see any APN configuration and a technical support specialist spoon fed me the info and I entered it into the phone, rebooted it and I still can't get an internet connection. The woman tries to tell me that some phones are unable to connect to the internet with their system, or some such thing. Is this possible? The Idol 4S Windows Phone can't get an internet connection when using ATT 4G LTE? Or was she snowing me? Hey, it's late Friday, maybe she's just sick and tired of her job and wants to go home. That's what she sounded like.

To make matters worse, I asked how much credit I have on my account. I've been with them for 4.5 years with several Windows phones and been paying $10/month for X minutes/month and the unused amount rolls into the next month. One time something happened and they blanked my credit and I called and they restored it. Today, I expected I'd have over $300 credit, last time I checked it was something like $250. She says I have $46 credit, I ask what happened to all my credit (I don't use much data or make many calls). She goes my credit lapsed because a payment wasn't made on time. I use Prepaid Wireless automatic payment to make my monthly payments. She says somehow a payment was late by a few days and all my credit lapsed. Naturally, I'm pissed. That seems unfair. I said maybe they screwed up, not Prepaid Online. She goes, it happened last May and there's nothing she can do about it. I think that's a bunch of shit. So here I am, they picked my pocket for my minutes and I have no internet connection with the phone. She says "have a nice day." I just scoff and she hangs up.
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