Question Anyone have a list of what 5700XT models use reference PCB? Need a card that will take a waterblock


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May 23, 2008
I ordered a Corsair XG7 only to discover that my ASRock challenger isn't reference design. Now I'm looking for a card that is reference to replace it but have no idea how to identify a reference PCB from item listings other than looking for an 8+6pin design. I had my eyes on the Gigabyte AORUS model GV-R57XTAORUS-8GD which showed the 8+6 design and seemed to have similar component layout in the small parts i could find from photos elsewhere, but in reviews i've found of the card that include teardowns, the PCB looks to be of a different layout. So, any ideas guys? Or should I cancel the order before amazon gets around to shipping the block? Cause IDK if I can find a new reference one anywhere and I'd rather not buy one of the few off ebay right now. Amazon is the only seller I see listing reference ones and they all cost more than the overclocked models lol. Thinking about it now before summer comes and it potentially gets to hot to fold on my card without heat issues.
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