Anyone ever install a phone distribution unit in their house?


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Jan 14, 2000
Just wondering if anyone had done this and if it is "worth it" in cleaning up the look...currently my phone lines look like spaghetti mess just dangling with wire nuts holding them together, my coax wasn't much better with a few splitters to send them off to every room...the guy who owned this before me was a hack.

Was looking at a simple cable vision phone distribution unit with punchdowns for $25 but wondering if there was a better way to do this? thanks


Sep 10, 2001
I got some pretty nifty phone distribution block made by Leviton, well it's actually a network block (it has a column of 8-pin jacks) but I use it for phone system so I have all 4 pairs distributed to each phone. This way if I want to I can setup multiple lines or intercoms at any of the phone jacks around the house. And it looks really nice and neat and cooool.