any suggestions for a good cheap file cabinet

Al Neri

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Jan 12, 2002
Anyone know where I can get a nice cheap letter sized file cabinet? I'd like for it to have a lock, but that's not necessary. I have no real requirements except i want it to have drawers - not one of those open file cabinets.

staples/office max has them for ~$100-150, i'd like to spend $75 at most, but im starting to think i will need to double my budget.

lmk thanks in advance,



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Mar 5, 2001
I don't know if you have many used furniture and antique shops in your area...

We were browsing through an antique type of place and came across a solid oak 4 drawer file cabinet that was painted black. Very solid, very heavy. I believe we paid $25 or $50 for it. Someday, I may look at it as an easy refinishing project.

Prior to that, we had some crappy flimsy metal filing cabinet. If you sneezed in front of it, the metal would end up with a dent. Got that one at Wallyworld or kmart for $50ish.