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Any software to simplify life after a windows refresh?


Jan 30, 2015
Hi guys,
I need an advice.
I'd like to refresh my windows 10 installation because I have so many problem with the last fall creator update, either with file association and indexing, and I'd like to install a lite version of windows made by myself.
BUT, just thinking of installing again all the app makes me sick.
Is there a way beside ninite (that has so poor app) and chocholatey (that I don't trust the community package) to easely install a tons of app after a fresh install?
thank you in advance


Diamond Member
Sep 1, 2010
I actually think you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you were to use third party software to streamline the process of installing apps and drivers. I'd rather do a clean install with updates, install core component drivers and then make a backup image of the OS as-is; then install whatever you need to afterward.

As a side note though I wouldn't consider file association and indexing to be very serious problems that are difficult to troubleshoot; if you know how to properly maintain and configure OS features you shouldn't ever have to refresh the installation unless you really screw up and infect the drive with malware or something.