Any Intel CPU without their iGPU?

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Jun 30, 2004
I remember a conversation I had with a (former) friend, who was a newbie-enthusiast. [The friendship ended when he insisted on telling me around 2013 that Trayvon deserved being shot by Zimmy-man. ]

But before that, I was planning on building a 2600K system, and his argument was "what good is that, when you aren't going to use the iGPU?" I'm wondering if he actually built a Haswell-E system, which would be way beyond his computing needs.

I was finally able to wrap my brain around the idea of getting a CPU with built-in iGPU . . . that I wouldn't likely use.

On the other hand, if you're building a new system and don't need an "E" processor, it sure makes testing easier so you can wait and find the dGPU(s) you want at a decent price. And the Quik-sync feature actually does work, if you want to use it.

So today, I'm thinking it was a really great idea to build these iGPU-enabled processors.


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Nov 13, 2007
Meh, iGPU works well for everybody who doesn't game. The only reason you need discrete graphics is for gaming. Everybody else is just fine with iGPU.
That's what I thought, with my i3-3225's iGPU being adequate for all my computing needs UNTIL I decided to upgrade to a 4k monitor. Got tired of having nice high-res screens on my notebook and tablet, then returning to the low-res 23" 1920 x 1080 desktop monitor. Try finding a micro-ATX motherboard with DisplayPort (or HDMI 2) for 60HZ 4K output. Rare as hen's teeth and/or expensive as sin. I was using the monitor-upgrade to "justify" upgrading to Skylake, but I decided to just stick with my i3-3225 but add a low-end dGPU to feed my new 4K screen.

The iGPU's are becoming more capable, but the mobo's haven't kept pace, so gradually more non-gaming folks will find dGPU's necessary if they want high-res displays.

Off-topic, but another area lagging in high-res screens is software support. I mean, really Adobe? Photoshop doesn't handle high-res displays well? Luckily, Win10 itself does quite well and a couple modern browsers do, as well.

(A Dell P2415Q and Gigabyte R7 360 should be here in a few days.)


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Dec 31, 2005
Except that even 2D games - hell, even UI effects in your OS - need more GPU horsepower than that, and those requirements are always going up.
Are you still thinking it's 2005 and we're stuck with Intel GMA IGPs? A modern day skylake IGP will run circles around discrete cards from even a few years ago. You're not getting hampered with a newer IGP in Windows, at all, ever.